Imaging Services

Magee General blends cutting-edge treatments with quality patient care.

The Magee General Hospital Imaging Department provides a full range of diagnostic testing and treatment services for common to rare disorders using state-of-the-art equipment. Your key to early detection: CT’s, mammograms, ultra-sounds, and MRIs. These are just a few of the imaging services we offer to assist physicians in detecting and evaluating abnormalities and changes in the body such as:

Breast Cancer
Heart & Vascular Abnormalities
Prostate Cancer
Brain Abnormalities
Chest Cancer
And many other conditions

Trust the specialists at Magee to assess, diagnose, and treat you and your patients.

Magee provides the most up to date equipment in the new MRI facility located on the hospital campus. Scans are available 5 days a week.

The Mammography Department offers 3D mammography technology, which allows doctors to catch breast cancer early, and it also allows them to better see the size of the cancer, helping determine the best treatment. 3D mammography also reduces the incidents of false positive diagnoses. Magee General is using the 3Dimensions mammography system by Hologic, which is currently the fastest, highest-resolution breast screening system available. In addition to providing the most accurate results, this new equipment is designed to offer a more comfortable experience to patients.

Magee General takes pride in their friendly and highly trained staff.

Services Offered:

Nuclear Medicine
Vascular Ultrasound
General Radiography
Surgical procedures/C-ARM
Mammography/Computer Aided Detection
24/7 Emergency Room Coverage
Quick report turnaround

Syble Bray

Medical Director
Dr. Steven Murphy

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We accept most major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.

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Magee, Mississippi 39111
P: 601.849.5070