Swing Bed

Sometimes patients require hospitalization beyond the acute stages of an injury, surgery or illness. TRANSITIONS Swing Bed Program at Magee General Hospital offers interim stays as patients prepare for the transition back to their home setting.

TRANSITIONS Swing Bed Program allows individuals to recover and gain strength as they transition from acute care to home setting. The skilled care focuses on strengthening and increasing independence.

Our Goal
The goal of TRANSITIONS Swing Bed program is to return the patient to a permanent living situation as soon as possible. Although the patient in the Swing Bed Program is in the hospital room, the emphasis is on moving the patient to home or other living situation. The medical staff expects the patient to be cooperative, to take instructions and to participate in consistent rehabilitation and physical therapy activities essential to his recovery. The patient’s family should feel comfortable encouraging patient participation and learning important strategies for post-discharge care.

Swing Bed Coverage
While Medicare does pay for Swing Bed services, there are specific medical qualifications that must be met for admission to the program. Following a hospital stay of at least three days, an individual must require either skilled nursing or skilled therapy services.

Swing Bed is covered under the Medicare skilled nursing facility benefit. The number of covered days is determined by Medicare criteria. Medicare supplements will usually pay the deductible as long as Medicare continues coverage. Other medical insurance may cover TRANSITIONS Swing Bed Program services or a patient may pay with private funds. Financial Staff is available to discuss coverage with you.

Qualifying Medical Criteria:
Daily physical, speech and/or occupational therapy
Intravenous (IV) or nutritional therapy
Specialized care for complex wounds that are not healing well
Pain management

Swing Bed Services
While in Swing Bed, a number of services are available to the patient to assist in his/her recovery:

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Skilled Nursing Care
Social Work Services
Discharge Planning

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